RSPCA Australia commends celebrity chef Tobie Puttock as a good egg for supporting farm animal welfare

Chef Tobie Puttock, well known for his best selling cookbooks, work on Jamie‚Äôs Kitchen Australia and Fifteen along with a judging role on My Kitchen Rules, has joined RSPCA Australia to promote farm animal welfare ‚Äì what a good egg! 

As Australian consumers continue to demand more transparency and insight into farming practices and farm animal welfare, support from leaders within the food industry is increasingly important when calling for better conditions for animals farmed for meat, eggs and dairy. 

Tobie Puttock has long been an advocate of humane food and will be using his reach and influence to help the RSPCA to raise awareness of animal welfare issues relating to food production.

‚ÄúFor many years I‚Äôve been encouraging people to buy cage-free eggs and to purchase free range products when shopping for food. 

“However, it’s equally important for people to make sure they are consuming humane food when they’re eating out, so I’m excited to work with the RSPCA and help consumers better understand the impact their choices can have on the welfare of farm animals,” said Tobie Puttock

Tobie supports RSPCA’s Choose Wisely campaign which promotes eateries that serve higher welfare food. Most recently Tobie took the cage-free pledge which asks people to commit to only consuming cage-free eggs whether they are eating out or cooking at home, to help free hens from battery cages.

Hope Bertram, Humane Food Manager at RSPCA Australia said, ‚ÄúAs long as animals are farmed for food or fibre it‚Äôs the RSPCA‚Äôs role to make sure that we can improve their welfare. However, we need support from consumers to encourage demand for higher welfare products. 

‚ÄúWe‚Äôre thrilled to be working with Tobie because of his knowledge and expertise in the food arena, coupled with his thoughtful approach to using humane food. 

“Tobie’s voice will go a long way toward spreading the word about how consumers can help to improve the lives of farm animals simply by ensuring they choose humane food when eating out or cooking”

The collaboration between Tobie Puttock and the RSPCA includes Choose Wisely, The Cage-free Pledge campaign and the Approved Farming Scheme, each aimed at educating consumers and industry about the best choices that support farmers, industry and commercial operations to create a better life for farm animals.