Why does the RSPCA support humane food?

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The RSPCA has a long history of working to improve conditions for farm animals. Regardless of people’s personal choices about eating eggs and meat, the RSPCA believes we can do far more to improve how farm animals are treated today, by getting involved in the process and encouraging governments and industries to implement better animal welfare standards on farm.

So what is humane food?
To put it simply, the RSPCA doesn‚Äôt think the law goes far enough when it comes to the treatment of farm animals. Production standards on higher welfare farms go above and beyond those required by law, and animals are raised with consideration of their needs as living, feeling beings. For Australia‚Äôs most intensively farmed animals ‚Äì hens (that produce eggs), chickens (that produce meat) and pigs ‚Äì it means raising these animals in environments that enable them to express natural behaviours. Continue reading.