The week in animal welfare: Volume #4

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Want to keep up to date with what’s going on in the world of animal welfare, but not sure where to start?

Never fear!  We‚Äôve assembled a roundup of the most recent must-reads.  

So, without further ado, make yourself a cup of tea (or other preferred beverage), get comfortable and have a click through the week in animal welfare:

Legislation overturns greyhound ban: NSW’s ban on greyhound racing has been officially repealed.

It’s time to take animal ownership seriously: This editorial says that animal welfare is everyone’s responsibility, and we agree.

The common foods dogs can and can‚Äôt eat:   An interesting infographic and one worth consulting next time your pooch gives you those puppy dog eyes at dinner time.

Bilby triplets emerge from mother’s pouch in time for Easter: The triplets are a lovely surprise for the Ipswich Nature Centre.

Japan kills more than 300 whales in annual Antarctic hunt: More than 300 minke whales were killed, despite opposition from countries including Australia.

Pregnant cow survives 70-kilometre swim in NSW floodwater:  This cow is definitely a survivor!

Before we let you go, we’ll just quickly plug what we’ve been up to in the last week:

The Victorian government is reviewing poultry welfare science ‚Äì and this is a good thing:  This move suggests the Victorian Government shares our concerns about the lack of scientific evidence supporting the current draft of the poultry welfare standards.

Will we watch and wager on Winx without a whip? Research says yes: The RSPCA has released landmark independent research which reveals three out of four Australians are opposed to whips in racing. Nine out of ten punters also say they would continue to bet on and watch horse racing if whip use was discontinued.