Behind Grill’d’s new partnership with the RSPCA

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Have you heard? Grill’d Healthy Burgers and the RSPCA are calling all good eggs!

One of Australia’s favourite restaurants, Grill’d has come on board with the RSPCA’s long-standing campaign to rid Australia of battery cages.

When the team at Grill’d heard about our campaign to get hens out of battery cages, they wanted to help.

And that’s great news, because did you know that - even though consumers are buying more cage-free eggs in the supermarket - the vast majority of eggs used in cafes and restaurants are still coming from hens in cages?

Grill’d was as horrified by that fact as we are, and even more so when they found out that all those battery-caged layer hens live their entire lives in these barren cages, with only the space the size of an A4 piece of paper.

It’s a miserable existence.

Grill’d has ever used cage-free eggs since their first restaurant opened in 2004. So they want to help show other businesses that you can – and should – go cage free.

Grill’d has a strong track record as a good corporate citizen, unafraid to take a strong stance on the issues that matter to its customers, including for example, supporting local charities and advocating for marriage equality.

Grill’d also prides itself on using fresh local produce and ethically-sourced ingredients.

As a business, Grill’d has shown that you can build a successful and profitable business based on good animal welfare; and that we can produce affordable, safe, healthy cage-free eggs on a large scale.

And as Grill’d’s founder Simon Crowe says. ‘It’s the right thing to do’.

What can you do to help?

Battery cages have no place in Australia – we know it, Grill’d knows it, and you know it too. But we need you to make sure government and industry hear your voice on this.

1. First, to join the movement, visit to add your voice.

By joining the movement, you will go into the draw to win dinner and an overnight stay at Brae, voted Australia’s top restaurant by AFR. Brae utilises produce from the surrounding land and local farmers to showcase a unique, contemporary cuisine built around an immense respect for nature and seasonality.

2. Make sure you always buy cage free eggs at the supermarket.

3. When eating out, choose venues that put cage-free eggs on the menu, like Grill’d! (visit to find or suggest a venue!)